Personalizing and Implementing the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success to Your Business

Personalizing and Implementing the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© to Your Business

You can do this. You can personalize and implement your own RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success©. Using all the marketing tools available, but in an orderly step-by-step fashion, you will take the challenge and complete the exercises the RAMPS Plan offers to help get you there. It is up to you on how far you go.

Identifying the Importance of Relevant Buyer Behavior Patterns

Identifying the Importance of Relevant Buyer Behavior Patterns

As you identify the important patterns that emerge from information about your prospects and customers, you quickly learn that some information is irrelevant, or at least of lesser value. With the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© you focus on relevance, understanding what information to look for and how to apply that information to your specific marketing strategies and goals. The potential for “information overload” has taken on a whole new meaning with the accessibility of the internet, so the role of the RAMPS Plan to organize your marketing thoughts and activities has increased in its importance over the years. Staying focused on relevant buyer behavior patterns is an ongoing challenge that only lessens when you have a plan and you follow it.

Practicing the Techniques of Market Segmentation

Practicing the Techniques of Market Segmentation

Practice, practice, practice – we all know this is how you improve a skill. In this context, this means that throughout all marketing functions, you will put to use what the RAMPS Plan teaches us – you will practice being efficient and effective by grouping individuals together in a way that enables you to communicate with them. You will separate the big picture into small pieces. With the RAMPS Plan as your guide, you will segment the marketplace of your prospects and customers into manageable groups.

Applying the Functions of Marketing to Your Business

Applying the Functions of Marketing to Your Business

The RAMPS Plan teaches us to recognize the importance of buyer behavior patterns for successful marketing, but that knowledge alone is certainly not enough. Just to know about RAMPS or to know about your customers’ behaviors patterns does not increase your revenues. The goal of marketing is to contribute to the ultimate goal of the business to earn a profit. When implementing marketing, as with any business activity, there is a scoreboard being kept called the Cash Flow Statement, with a running total of money going out and money coming in.

To apply the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© means shifting of your priorities and resources, i.e., time, energy, and money to marketing functions. The cost associated with applying the functions of marketing should be considered an investment in the business, rather than solely as an expense as reflected in financial statements. The point being, actually applying the functions of marketing to your business using the RAMPS Plan is the true test of its powers.

Recognizing the Importance of Buyer Behavior Patterns

Recognizing the Importance of Buyer Behavior Patterns

Understanding how and why people spend their money on your products and services is at the heart of your success in any business endeavor or profession. In many regards, we humans are creatures of habit; habits that enable us to get through the day with the least effort possible. We learn that once we do something a certain way, if it works for us and there are no negative consequences resulting from our actions, it is highly probable that given the same need we will exhibit the same behavior. In other words, in similar circumstances, we would do it again.

When applied in the marketing context this means that if we purchase a certain product from a particular vendor and the experience is a good one, it is likely that we will return to the same vendor when we have the need again. Given this situation, we are unlikely to search for new information or new products to fill our need. As a marketer competing against that vendor, we must find a way to:

  1. Identify buyer behavior patterns
  2. Interrupt buyer behavior patterns
  3. Change buyer behavior patterns

Only then are we successful in getting the customer to purchase from us. It is a challenging task. If you have ever tried to diet, develop a new exercise routine, give up smoking or chocolate or any habit you may have, you know how difficult it is to change yourself. Changing someone else is even more difficult.

For scientist in academic settings and laboratories, as well as street savvy business owners reading this book, the RAMPS Plan provides a foundation to build on your personal body of knowledge of marketing focused on human behavior exhibited when we are acting in the roles as consumers of products and services.

Welcome to RAMPS Small Business Marketing Plan

The RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success©

The RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© is a model to teach anyone the subject of marketing by condensing the entire marketing discipline into one word: RAMPS

RAMPS is an acronym for Research, Advertising, Merchandising, Promotions, and Sales.

The RAMPS model is a fast and effective way to learn marketing regardless of business background. It enables a business beginner to master the subject of marketing and enables an experienced business person to improve marketing effectiveness and efficiency. The RAMPS model is a universal tool that can be put to work in any business environment.

This RAMPS website serves as an introduction to the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© and strives to convince you to move ahead to the full course work and training. In one simple word, RAMPS, five major marketing steps are neatly linked together for your benefit. This is as easy as it gets in business.

The RAMPS Philosophy

The goal of business is to achieve profits. Effective marketing moves the business closer to that goal. Profits are a measure of business success.

The RAMPS Audience

Entrepreneurs tend to be good at their art, their science, their crafts, their skills and talents related to product development and production. They are motivated by the marketplace’s need for products and services coupled with their own needs to innovate and create. Rarely are these same people trained in marketing and financial management, and therefore the Entrepreneur will most likely benefit from learning and applying the RAMPS Plan. The need for mastering marketing effectiveness and efficiency are greater than ever due to the current economic times.

The RAMPS Practicality

Although based on sound theory, the RAMPS Plan is all about practical application. It is not enough for business owners to study how marketing evolved into the important business discipline that it is today. Rather, business owners need practical applications that impact the bottom line. No one book can teach anyone everything they will ever need to know about marketing. However, the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© strives to plant the seeds of marketing in your mind.

When you complete the book you should be able to:

  1. Recognize the importance of buyer behavior patterns to successful marketing
  2. Apply the functions of marketing to your business
  3. Practice the techniques of market segmentation
  4. Identify the importance of relevant buyer behavior patterns
  5. Personalize and implement the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© to your business

The Origin of RAMPS

The RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© model was created in 1983 as a way to organize and explain an unfamiliar business subject to potential users of marketing services. The RAMPS Plan was first published and introduced to the public by Auburn University Montgomery as a two-day Continuing Education seminar. A mailing of 10,000 was sent to entrepreneurs in two states. As a result, 10 people witnessed the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© presentation for the first time. Since then, the RAMPS Plan has been used by thousands of individuals in a multitude of occupations.

The RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© is an active process in which readers participate. Using the RAMPS Plan for organizing marketing activities, five different groups emerge in a way that makes it memorable and manageable. Using this acronym, RAMPS, marketing is explained in a way that any future exposure to marketing can be understood within the context of an overall marketing plan.

RAMPS Small Business Marketing Plan

This book is a collection of marketing information from sources available to anyone but organized in a way that makes sense for everyday use. After nearly 40 years of varied work experiences, combined with academic study and teaching, my understanding of the subject of marketing is offered to anyone who wants to understand the world of marketing for their own purposes. The RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© has repeatedly received positive feedback from its users. People understand it and are able to apply marketing to their own lives and businesses.

This book is written for anyone who has the need to plan, implement
and be responsible for completing marketing tasks.

Marketing expertise can be put to use in many ways for your business. There are many roles in business where you will be required to make marketing decisions. Marketing knowledge comes out of experience and education, and manifests itself in many business positions.

…In 2005, when physicians in the Southern Medical Association used the RAMPS model in its Certificate of Business program, one doctor said, “The RAMPS program brought all the other materials together.”

Although the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© condenses the entire marketing discipline into one word: RAMPS, the foundation that supports the model is massive and strong. Information in this book is based on knowledge gained from years of studying a broad business curriculum and explored over a lifelong career of business experiences. Woven into this book are lessons from the vast world of marketing, processed, analyzed, and organized into the RAMPS model for your use. The RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© builds knowledge and expertise regardless of your job title or your role in the business world.

Marketing is a learned skill. Welcome to this learning experience. Welcome to RAMPS.