Business PromotionsThe fourth step in the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© is Promotions. Promotions are events you create for the benefit of buyers or potential buyers. Promotions may include industry events, incentives to employees, and events to gain publicity.

Promotions planning requires the theme or purpose be integrated with your other marketing efforts. Promotions may require attendance by management and or technical personnel. A specific promotion must have the ability to attract the desired audience. The timing must be strategic in relationship to all other marketing activities. The costs must be reasonable given cash flow constraints and potential payoff.

Execution of promotions are a team effort and, as with any team, roles should be defined and practiced. The setting for the promotion should be organized and conducive to information sharing. Language used and tone of voice should fit the audience. Visual aids (Merchandising) should help keep the prospect or customer interested.

Merchandising and equipment needed for the promotion should be ready. Most of all, the business individuals who participate in the Promotion should understand the significance of their gestures and body language. This is because during Promotions, individuals are in the spotlight, both literally and figuratively.

The Promotions chapter covers:

  • When do you use Promotions?
  • Examples of Promotions
  • Why are Promotions important?
  • Tying in your Merchandising with Promotions
  • Advertising your Promotions

Using Promotions as a part of the overall marketing plan stimulates interest among buyers and gains attention for your business. Promotions are defined as an event or activity designed to generate attention and good will for your business, as well as reinforce messages previously sent through advertising and merchandising.

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