Recognizing the Importance of Buyer Behavior Patterns

Recognizing the Importance of Buyer Behavior Patterns

Understanding how and why people spend their money on your products and services is at the heart of your success in any business endeavor or profession. In many regards, we humans are creatures of habit; habits that enable us to get through the day with the least effort possible. We learn that once we do something a certain way, if it works for us and there are no negative consequences resulting from our actions, it is highly probable that given the same need we will exhibit the same behavior. In other words, in similar circumstances, we would do it again.

When applied in the marketing context this means that if we purchase a certain product from a particular vendor and the experience is a good one, it is likely that we will return to the same vendor when we have the need again. Given this situation, we are unlikely to search for new information or new products to fill our need. As a marketer competing against that vendor, we must find a way to:

  1. Identify buyer behavior patterns
  2. Interrupt buyer behavior patterns
  3. Change buyer behavior patterns

Only then are we successful in getting the customer to purchase from us. It is a challenging task. If you have ever tried to diet, develop a new exercise routine, give up smoking or chocolate or any habit you may have, you know how difficult it is to change yourself. Changing someone else is even more difficult.

For scientist in academic settings and laboratories, as well as street savvy business owners reading this book, the RAMPS Plan provides a foundation to build on your personal body of knowledge of marketing focused on human behavior exhibited when we are acting in the roles as consumers of products and services.