The second tool in the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© is highlighted in Exhibit 3.0.  Advertising is a means of influencing your targets’ behaviors related to purchasing your products.   Advertising is a paid message with an identified sponsor attempting to persuade an audience to take some action.  As you have already learned, Research is an important first element in the development of an Advertising plan for your business.  Research collected on target markets is necessary when deciding between Advertising options and media.  That information is used in selecting media by matching your target audience with theirs.  In order for paid Advertising to be effective for your business, it must reach your defined target market, as identified in Chapter 2.   Any good media outlet can provide you, a prospective advertiser, with information regarding its own target market or audience.

RAMPS Advertising Exhibit

In the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success©, Advertising precedes Merchandising,which is discussed in the next chapter, Chapter 4.

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