Business PromotionsThe fourth tool in the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success© is Promotions.   Promotions are events you create or participate in for the benefit of buyers or potential buyers.  Promotions take many forms and may include in-store sales events, community events, industry events, employee events, and public relations events.  Promotions gain attention for a product, business, or person.




Promotions reinforce other marketing messages and are another tool to reach marketing objectives, such as:

  • Close the sale
  • Maintain contact and image with former customers
  • Make contact and create image with new potential customers
  • Introduce a new product or service
  • Demonstrate non-portable equipment
  • On-the-spot problem solving
  • Obtain and share information
  • Build morale
  • Counter participation of competitors

Promotions provide environments that set the stage for Sales, as reinforced in the next Chapter.


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