How the RAMPS Small Business Marketing Plan Model Provides Marketing Framework

The RAMPS small business marketing plan model is designed for information gathering, analysis, and decision making.

RAMPS  small business marketing plan helps business owners be more effective and more efficient not by replacing other forms of marketing information, but by  providing a framework for processing marketing information systematically. RAMPS small business marketing plan helps business owners organize their thoughts and actions related to increasing sales income by focusing on their objectives. Most importantly, the RAMPS small business marketing plan model responds to the urgency of the times.

small business marketing plan

The RAMPS small business marketing plan model facilitates the processing of complex marketing information quickly and provides a framework to support marketing decisions, leading to implementation of more successful marketing efforts.  RAMPS small business marketing plan model is a fast and effective way to learn marketing regardless of business background.  Business beginners can improve their marketing skills and experienced business practitioners can master marketing effectiveness and efficiency. 

The RAMPS small business marketing plan model is universal—it works in any business environment. 

RAMPS small business marketing plan takes the business person through the twenty exercises that implement the model. At completion, he or she will be a stronger business person and will have better marketing plans. Better planning gets a business in better condition.  Step-by-step, through the process of identifying and communicating with individuals who have a need for the business’s product or service, the business owner whittles away most of the world’s population to focus on defined targets for marketing efforts.

            The five steps of the RAMPS small business marketing plan model for marketing success begin with Research, the step most often skipped by practitioners.  Research identifies your target market and their buying patterns.  The second step, Advertising, means using paid media to get a message to the identified targets.  Merchandising provides a number of methods beyond Advertising for putting your business message into the target’s environment. Taking the fourth step into Promotions connects your business to opportunities for interacting with the individuals who make up your target.  The fifth step is Sales, where one-on-one communication occurs and where the desired transactions take place.  The end goal of RAMPS small business marketing plan is for the target to exchange its money for your products and services, repeatedly and often.  The process is never ending, as long as the business exists.

small business marketing plan

Marketing encompasses so many activities that, without a model to follow, all of the related tasks can become overwhelming, especially to an already-stressed business person trying to keep a going concern.  Even with the RAMPS small business marketing plan model, the task is not easy, but at least with RAMPS, there is a guide for tackling it.

            With the RAMPS small business marketing plan model, from this day forward, there is a specific place in your brain, file drawer, and computer for marketing information as you receive or discover it.  RAMPS small business marketing plan  provides a systematic process for organizing, analyzing, and storing all kinds of marketing data for short-run and long-run decision making.  If the exercises are followed, RAMPS will become an essential part of your life as a business person.

The message to business owners is to stand strong.  We are the innovators.  We are American business, living in a democracy.  We play the game, we take the risk, and we build industry that adds value to the economy.  We employ others.  That responsibility alone is enough to keep many from pursuing business ownership as a career.  But we do, and we will forge ahead.  The RAMPS small business marketing plan model can help. Developed for industry leaders who need practical assistance in reaching desired results, RAMPS  has a long history; it has been applied in industry, and is taught in universities. Business decision makers need RAMPS for its simple, easy-to-use tools and its effective and efficient ways to improve understanding of planning and implementing marketing activities today.   

This is the path to the turnaround.  Business managers must focus on the bottom line, use proven methods, and rebuild the business structure that makes America great by identifying the changing needs of the public and capitalizing on that knowledge.  In a successful, capitalistic environment we need to forge ahead into the competition. We have done very well in the past.  Using a scientific model, a systematic method for assessing a marketing situation and prescribing action, we can continue to succeed and even lead.  Science is a way to eliminate guesswork. The RAMPS small business marketing plan model has that same goal.  In its simplest form, RAMPS small business marketing plan is easy to remember, but as its complexities develop, a sophisticated model is built. 

RAMPS Small Business Marketing Plan© is a model to teach anyone the subject of marketing by condensing the entire marketing discipline into one word: "RAMPS" (Research, Advertising, Merchandising, Promotions, Sales. This book is written for anyone who has the need  to plan, implement and be responsible for completing marketing tasks. If you wish to get a hold of this book, call us at             (334) 467-8847       or fill out a contact form request.