Marketing in 1 Word – RAMPS – Help for Small Business Owners

This book introduces readers to the RAMPS Plan to Marketing Success,© an active process in which readers participate. Using the RAMPS© Plan for organizing marketing activities, five different groups emerge in a way that makes it memorable and manageable. Using … Continue reading

Book: Managing Human Resources for the Millenial Generation

Paperback 978-1-62396-052-0      Price: $44.99 Make checks payable to: SaVvy Business Services, LLC Edited by: William I. Sauser, Jr., Auburn University & Ronald R. Sims, College of William and Mary The purpose of this book is to explore the talents, work styles, … Continue reading

Small Business Consultant, Dr. DiPofi, Helps Local Business Grow

This article is excerpted from "Who I Went to When I Needed Help" at by Charles Ingram. A portion of that article which references small business consultant Dr. Jackie Alexander DiPofi is repeated here. SaVvy Helps Shine It Polish its … Continue reading

Essential Components of Examples of Marketing Plans

Some business owners open up a business even without any background in marketing. But, as well know, a good business marketing strategy is starting with a good marketing plan. We may find hundreds of examples of marketing plans in the … Continue reading

Business Marketing versus Consumer Marketing

By definition, business marketing is the practice of selling products or services by individuals or organizations to other business entities either to use the products or services for their own business operation, or to use it as components in making … Continue reading

The RAMPS Result Model

In the RAMPS Results Model, the arrows represent feedback and control loops which represent activities targeted toward a defined target market of potential buyers of your products and services.  The RAMPS model identifies customer buying habits and develops a strategy … Continue reading

How the RAMPS Small Business Marketing Plan Model Provides Marketing Framework

The RAMPS small business marketing plan model is designed for information gathering, analysis, and decision making. RAMPS  small business marketing plan helps business owners be more effective and more efficient not by replacing other forms of marketing information, but by  providing … Continue reading

Why Should You Have a Small Business Marketing Plan?

Do you plan to start your own small business? If so, then you need to formulate a small business marketing plan. A business marketing plan is a combination of advertising and marketing strategies created to mobilize your available resources to … Continue reading